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By April 1, 2015Uncategorized

The Bluegrass Sports Commission is requesting proposals to commission an economic impact and feasibility study for a multi-sport youth sports complex in Lexington, KY.

Proposals must be received by email submission to bmiller@bluegrasssports.org no later than:

5:00 PM (EST), April 10, 2015

Questions concerning this RFP can be directed to bmiller@bluegrasssports.org.



The Bluegrass Sports Commission, proposes to engage the services of a consulting firm to commission an economic impact and feasibility study.

The objective of this request for proposal (RFP) is to provide the Bluegrass Sports Commission with data and information to identify community needs, the economic impact this facility would have for Lexington, KY, project costs, at least three funding models, operating budgets, job creation, market analysis, sports needs assessment, as well as a marketing package that can be shared with council members, government officials and potential partners. The responses to this request will form the basis for evaluation, interview, and selection. The selected vendor also agrees to make multiple presentations of their findings in person to city council and government officials.


Lexington, consolidated with Fayette County, is the second-largest city in Kentucky and the 61st largest in the United States. Known as the “Horse Capital of the World”, it is located in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region. In the 2013 US Census Estimate, the city’s population was 308,428, anchoring a metropolitan area of 489,435 people and a combined statistical area of 708,677 people.

Lexington ranks tenth among US cities in college education rate, with 39.5% of residents having at least a bachelor’s degree. It is the location of the Kentucky Horse Park, The Red Mile and Keeneland race courses, Rupp Arena, the world’s largest basketball-specific arena, Transylvania University, and the University of Kentucky.


Project Management

An internal team consisting of the Bluegrass Sports Commission staff and board members will facilitate and manage the study process. The internal team will assist the consultants in managing the operational aspects of the project and coordinating work with relevant parties. The internal team will also provide support for project tasks and will assist in the provision of community and demographic information, sports organization contact information, previous city-sponsored plans, and studies to be determined during final scope development.

Facility and Existing Market Assessment

  • Compile an inventory of the regions public, non-profit and private sports facilities including site and facility layout, capacity, user and spectator counts, amenities, regular use and events.
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of our sports tourism market verses a competitive set of other similar cities to help determine our current market position.
  • Conduct an evaluation of existing community needs and gaps through interviews and surveys of existing public, non-profit, and private sports organizations, groups and institutions.
  • Develop a sports tourism opportunity profile and market assessment that utilizes and builds on existing sports facilities to attract new sporting events.
  • Other factors to analyze: Youth Sports Participation Trends, Demographic and Socioeconomic Analysis, Site Access, Competitive and Demand Analysis.

Market Potential Study

  • Evaluate regional and national sports market trends and potential opportunities for existing and new facilities.
  • Evaluate untapped markets that will work to drive private investment into study results and recommendations.
  • Specify the potential economic impact of all sports concentrations outlined in the study results and recommendations.
  • Recommend future needs including potential expansion of existing facilities and new facility development to include recommendations on site and facility layout, capacity, user and spectator counts, amenities, regular use, specific events and competitions and economic impact. Also include specific recommendations on management structure and local versus visitor attendance to provide the best return on investment.
  • Recommend ways to expand and improve partnerships between community entities, opportunities to connect and coordinate existing facilities and programs, and funding opportunities.
  • Determine community needs to develop facility recommendations, interview operating plan overview and pro-forma, look at venue programming and provide financing recommendations as well as job creation.
  • Land Survey/Geotech work: The successful bidder will have a vendor to work as a sub under them to do a preliminary field and earth investigation. 

Implementation Recommendations

  • Recommendations on next steps in order to implement the study outcomes including, but not limited to, the following:

* Organizational structure;

* Specific site and facility studies, or other additional studies recommended;

* Sustainable funding models, and associated business model for each funding model.


The selected proponent shall deliver the following work product:

  • A formal report and presentation of the work product with clear demonstration that it has fulfilled all of the elements contained in the agreed upon scope of work.
  • Twelve (12) hard copies of the final formal report and one electronic copy in original software format.
  • All background information, minutes of meetings, survey summaries and analyses, etc.
  • Willingness to meet and present to Council Members and elected officials


Each proposal must be submitted by email to bmiller@bluegrasssports.org. All proposals are due by 5 pm EST, Wednesday, April 1.

The Bluegrass Sports Commission reserves the right to reject any proposal that does not comply with the above requirements. Expenses incurred in the preparation of a proposal are borne by the preparer with the understanding that the consultant/firm may not apply to the Olathe Chamber for reimbursement of these expenses.

Respondents shall be aware that after opening and during the evaluation process the proposals submitted remain confidential. Once a decision to award is made, all proposals are subject to public disclosure consistent with Kentucky Law. Respondents must invoke the exemptions to disclosure provided by law and must clearly identify in the proposal the data or other materials to be protected and state both the reasons why such exemption from public disclosure is necessary and the legal basis for such exemption. All other contents of the submitted proposals become public record.

Proposal Components

The proposal should contain the following sections:

  1. Letter of transmittal
  • Statement indicating an understanding of the work to be performed;
  • The primary contact person and his/her contact information;
  • Discuss consultants’ availability over the period of 6-12 months.
  1. Qualifications/Project Portfolio
  • Areas of specialization;
  • Practice philosophy;
  • Examples of three (3) projects your firm took a lead role in the preparation of a community assessment and market potential study
  1. Methodology
  • Describe the vision, strategic overview and approach to the project;
  • Express how the above mentioned components reflect your qualifications for this project;
  • Discuss what parameters you will engage to pilot a project that will be creative, logical, and destination-defining.
  1. Work Recommendations
  • The proposal must include detailed descriptions of the procedures and methods you propose to use to complete all tasks within the scope of work;
  • Discuss tasks, timelines and anticipated deliverables.
  1. Project Management
  • Introduction to the team (educational background and relevant experience);
  • Services/functional role to be performed by each team member;
  • Technical Resources;
  • Consultant/sub-consultant experience.
  1. References
  • List at least three (3) references we may contact;
  • Indicate project names and firm’s role;
  • Client contact information (email and telephone).
  1. Fees
  • Hourly rates for all working staff on a separate sheet on company letterhead;
  • Composite schedule of hours estimated for included tasks;
  • Itemized schedule of all expenses, including both labor and direct expenses;
  • Allowance for reimbursable expenses;
  • If sub-consultants are proposed, include a separate schedule of expenses.
  1. Schedule
  • A proposed project work schedule;
  • Time frames for work elements;
  • Target dates for various stages of the project.


All respondents to this RFP must be primarily engaged in providing the consulting services as outlined in these requirements and have a demonstrated expertise in preparing studies of this type and nature.  Understanding the needs of the City of Lexington, as well as previous experience, are essential criterion in the qualifying process.

The Bluegrass Sports Commission reserves the right to check all references furnished and to consider the information received as a determining factor in the award of this contract. The proposer’s personnel and management to be utilized in this service requirement shall be knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. The Bluegrass Sports Commission reserves the right to perform investigations as may be deemed necessary to insure that competent persons will be utilized in the performance of the contract.


The internal team will evaluate all proposals received in response to this RFP. After reviewing the proposal submissions, consultants may be selected for in-person interviews/oral presentations in Lexington, KY. From those presentations and possible interviews the proposals will be re-evaluated and final determination will be made.

The Bluegrass Sports Commission will pursue negotiations with the top ranked respondent with the goal of entering into a contract.


Neither the Bluegrass Sports Commission nor its representatives shall be liable for any expenses incurred in connection with preparing a response to this RFP. Respondents are encouraged to prepare their proposals simply and economically, providing a straightforward and concise description of your firm’s ability to meet the requirements of the RFP.